Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post Gotcha Day: 4 (Friday)

Our internet has been extra stubborn lately, so I apologize for the flood of posts.

Friday we had a leisurely breakfast and then went to Shamian Island with the Palmberg family. We shopped until we dropped (almost literally). We met some great shopkeepers that were Christian and had a great lunch at Lucy's (Western food which was a nice break from the norm).  If Kaylee and Eli were here with us, I think I could stay for so much longer here. The weather is gorgeous We have discovered that the taxi drivers think we are dumb. They have tried to overcharge us a few times and we have discovered that we just hand them what we think is fair and exit the taxi. I suppose we look like "stupid Americans" or "rich Americans" but we are definitely not either :).

We had an opportunity to visit the White Swan which is a hotel most adoptive families (up until August, I believe) stay or at least visit. It shut down this summer for renovations and I was so happy to be able to see it in person. The red couches (pictured below) are famous for adoptive families getting pictures on. Most adoptive families on any blog will have pictures on these couches. We went to visit and take some so we could be part of the cool crowd :).

This island used to be a colony of both the French and the English. It's really interesting because you can actually see the difference in the architecture depending on which side of the island you are on. There used to be an electric fence down the middle of it. It was taken down during the 20's when the island went back to China.

That's all for now. Short, sweet,  and simple. I will leave you, as always, with some pictures of our day!

Jesiah LOVES his baba!!!

Jesiah and Liana on the famous White Swan red coach. 

Our family :) 

In the lobby of the White Swan. This is a hotel that many adoptive families used to stay at on Shamian Island. It recently shut down for renovations. 

Jesiah loves fish and wanted to get in and swim with them. Luckily, he was stuck to me :). 

Gabriel, Erik, Liana, Jesiah and Nathan

After dinner, we stopped at the playground.

There is a bridal boutique on Shamian Island and they are constantly taking pictures. They are so beautiful and all over the place. 

Jesiah had a foster brother about Gabriel's age. He loves to play with Gabriel. 

Jesiah kickin' it like a real Asian :). 

Baba bought him a panda and it is his absolute favorite. He conked out like a champ after a long day. 

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