Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day Three: Beijing

We had a VERY full day yesterday and I conked last night. I'm so thankful, for the first night since we got here, that we actually sleep about seven hours. It's amazing what sleep deprivation can do you to you. However, I do want to say that as tired as I was yesterday... I did amazingly well with chopsticks. I'm not a master yet but I was able to manage getting my food in my mouth without having to resort to my technique titled the "grab and stab". Hey.. it worked :).

Yesterday, we had a two hour orientation where we met with all of the other Holt families that came to Beijing and were briefed on what the next process with geting our kiddos and all the massive amounts of paperwork following will look like. It was so helpful to hear other stories, especially from families that were back to adopt a second time. We also received an substantial update on Jesiah and got new pictures. My heart is absolutely yearning to get him. He sounds like he is an even more amazing kiddo than what we originally thought. I know we have challenges ahead and he will probably experience some grieving period. Who wouldn't? He will be leaving everything he knows and we are going to rely on God in this time, knowing that He led us this far and will continue to bless us. Patience, I suppose is the key (and lots of bribery :0).

After orientation, we had a great group lunch and continued on to TiAnmen Square. TiAnmen Square is where certain government officials used to work. It also is where the famous massacre occured in 1989. It was pretty impressive.

One of my paparazzi moments. 

After TiAnmen Square, we went to the Forbidden Palace which was just across the street. The Forbidden Palace was built in the 14th Century for the Emperors. It was massive and very impressive. Lots of gold. I told Nathan it's the type of house he will need to build me once we are done with our house "situation" :).

We finished up the night with a trip to the silk factory (sadly we didn't take any pictures.. I don't know how that happened.), a nice dinner with a few of our friends and a trip to the night market. The night market was... interesting :). I didn't have an appetite for what they were selling. Ugh. I suppose to each his own! Hope everyone has a good day. We leave on a plane for Guangzhou at 11:30 am (9:30 pm Misosuri time) and will meet Jesiah tomorrow. I will post again later tonight (tomorrow morning for you). Love you and please keep the prayers coming. Lots of emotions are filling us as we look to tomorrow!

Don't ask what they sold there unless you have a solid stomach. :)

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  1. I KNOW good and well what they sell there...pics to prove it! ;)