Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Full of Progress

I simply feel like I'm "running just to catch myself" (to quote a great Mark Schultz song) lately and I apologize. No amount of time during the day seems like enough at this point. Let me give you a short run down on the last two days and then I promise I will make a better effort (I know.. I know I keep saying that :). Each day is getting better. Thank you for your prayers. We feel them. Jesiah is growing by leaps and bounds (emotionally and physically) and we are too. Each day it seems more "real". I'm ready for our complete family to be together!!!!


Saturday we were reunited with all of the Holt travel families. It was so amazing to be back with the thirty plus families we had met with in Beijing (with the addition of a few new families) and see everyone's "gaps" filled in with new precious faces. Being on this journey together has really been amazing. We have been blessed with meeting some great families and I pray that we continue to forge friendships with them throughout the years. Going through the adoption process together certainly creates a bond that doesn't seem to be easily broken. I praise God for his timing and the families we have been able to experience this with (although there were some I really wish would have been here with us! :(  ).

We all took a trip back (yet again!) to Shamian Island and it really seems as if I can't get enough of that place. It's just so beautiful and there is so much to do. I almost got run over by a bicycle driven by a very "persistant" driver. Sidewalks and streets pretty much blur together over here. I was thankful that my ten toes remained after she zoomed past me. Wowsers! It's definitely a different world. The families that arrived Friday night needed to go for medical checks and we had to get our kiddos TB test results. Jesiah is good to go on not having TB so that's one more step closer to coming HOME (can you tell I'm getting super anxious!?). After the test, we walked around the island and finished up a few more shopping items. The afternoon was spent relaxing. That evening, the Holt families met at a local restaurant and had a group dinner. It was so good. We have been out places on our own and had some interesting experiences with food. This dinner was so good and such a relief. You will all be glad to know that my chopsticks skills are continuing to improve, although they still have not surpassed Jesiah's . Last night, we ended the evening by traveling back to the island (the taxi drivers love us..) to attend the local Christian Church service. It was a prayer and praise service conducted all in Mandarin. It was absolutely amazing to see how much Jesiah relaxed and enjoyed church. I'm not sure if he has ever been before but it was very special for us to see him smile and seem so joyful. Going to church was definitely a special experience and I'm glad we made the trip.

Working towards naptime with his panda. 

He watches tv intently like the rest of the Sherer kiddos. He may need glasses if he keeps leaning like this! 

 Love this smile. It makes everything seem better :). 

Our little family after the Holt group dinner. 

Baba and Jesiah

 The Christian Church on Shamian Island. 
 All of my pictures turned out blurry but I still thought it was cute to see how happy he was. 
 Finishing our night back at the China Hotel at Starbucks. Jesiah and Gabriel (his adopted Ge-Ge) were sharing some cookies. 
Jesiah has some great fits. This one displays how he kicks off his shoes anytime he has a fit. This was prior to the socks coming off :). 

SO peaceful after a long day. 

Today we went to pearl and jade wholesale markets. They were pretty neat but Jesiah was done shopping. When I say done.. I mean D-O-N-E. Take the picture of the fit above and multiply it times ten with more laughter and energy. Ahh... I wish I would have gotten more pictures, however we spent most of the time chasing him. He loves to run away. I think I need to get a leash (in all seriousness). He runs..... laughs... runs farther... and laughs harder. He is all boy. We are going to definitely have our work cut out for us when we get home and put he and Eli together. I guess I should rest while I can!!!! Tonight we finished out our night with the Palmburg family, take out from the downstairs restaurant, and Cars 2. So thankful for them!!!! :)

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