Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Post Gotcha Days-1 & 2 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Last night was a pretty long night. Jesiah started out in his pack n play asleep and ended up two and a half hours later in our bed. Sleeping with him beside us was kind of like having a rolling pin go horizontally up and down the bed. Needless to say, he may have slept but we didn't. The life of a parent continues. Regardless, we feel blessed! 

 Before Bed.... 

 After a long night for mama and baba... :) 

Today our adoption was finalized! We visited the Office of Civil Affairs and visited a few officials, got an official photo, and things are done! Now, we wait the rest of the time to get his passport and visa. Those take the longest to complete and the visa won't actually be done until next Thursday, the day we leave for Hong Kong. After our apt. at the CA office, we had a great lunch, attempted (and failed) to get Jesiah to nap, and finished out the day walking about an hour to one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. It was amazing that inside this extremely crowded and smoggy city, there was a jewel of a park. We walked past areas where men and women were playing badmitten, hacky sac, and ping pong. A litte different from the scene we have in the states. I will post some pictures below. It was well worth the walk! Jesiah is definitely adjusting well. He has, from time to time, showed signs of grieving and night time was a hard time for him. He was in a foster family which made it great for him as far and knowing and understanding the love of a family. It makes it difficult, for us, at the same time because he is grieving for them. Really, he seems to be bonding well and having fun. We are spending a lot of time playing. He is ALL boy :)! He loves playing outside, loves running, loves playing balls, loves climbing, and really has a bright outlook on life. I praise God that he is so joyful, even after so much strife in his young life. We appreciate all the continued prayers as well strengthen the bond between us. God's got it all under control :). I will leave you with some pictures and say goodnight for now!

 Jesiah's first "face to face" with K and E :). It melted my heart. 

 When is upset or tired, he plays with my hair. Many of you know that's my FAVORITE thing :). 

 He is ours officially!

 Our trip to the local grocery store. 

 Not a great picture of me but cute of everyone else :). 

 He is sooooo tickleish!!! We love it!! 

 On our way to lunch. 

 Lake Park in Guangzhou.

Nathan and Jesiah have a very special bond forming. It's awesome to watch.