Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Tickets are Booked!

I was beginning to think this day would never come and so far, it's been such a whirlwind that I almost forgot to blog about it! We leave November 30th and will be headed to Beijing for four days. After this, we will fly to Guangzhou in the Guangdong province (December 4th) where will meet Jesiah (December 5th) and tackle all of the crazy paperwork to get things final and receive his visa. We will fly home December 16th  from Hong Kong and will arrive at MCI at 4:57 PM (details to come). You are all encouraged to come and welcome us home!

Please keep us in your prayers and we continue to plan travel, prepare physically to go, try to make sure we have everything :), prepare to leave our two "homegrown" kiddos here for many days (which I'm struggling with) and finish up all of our lose ends.

Here's a map to show you where we will be going first:

After Beijing, here is where we will be traveling (with MUCH warmer temps!!!):

As you can see, we are traveling quite a ways south. Jesiah is from the Shenzhen area which is about an hour  and a half away from the city we will be staying in. Although Jesiah will come to us in Guangzhou, we are hoping to be able to travel to the SWI (social welfare institute) that he stayed in for some time.

We have waited fourteen months for this time and know God has prepared the way. Please pray Jesiah's heart is able to heal from any grief he may be feeling. Although we have been so excited and have prepared for this day, we also realize he is leaving everything he has known his entire life behind. We know he is coming into a great and loving family, yet we are preparing for an adjustment. We would appreciate prayers that God allows us the discernment to know what he needs and how we can best make his adjustment smoother. We know Jesiah is such a special little boy and we cannot wait to hold him in our arms!!

We have had so much love and support to get this far. Please know it is appreciated beyond words. We love you all and have been humbled at how God has worked to make this journey possible!!! Stay tuned! I will give you more detailed itinerary info. and we will definitely be blogging as we are on our trip (hopefully daily). We'd love for you to follow along!!!


  1. Can't wait! Hey, all, I have 16 angels left!

  2. Hi, Michelle! My name is Ashlyn Peavy. Our family is strongly considering international adoption. Frankly, we cannot even begin the process b/c of money. We feel this is something God wants us to do but are hesitant to step out and begin. My pastor's wife, Susan, gave me your blog site and told me you could give some great advice on adoption fund raising. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Congratulations on booking your travel plans. I can only imagine how excited you all must be! Your family is going on my prayer list! Thanks!

  3. Hey Ashlyn! Of course, I'd LOVE to help out in any and every way to make it possible for your family to adopt. Adoption is an amazing choice and journey and although it isn't for everyone, if God has moved in your heart than I'd definitely go for it. He has blessed us abundantly (through some really difficult trials going on during our adoption) and it's finally happening! Send me an email at michellesherer@yahoo.com and we will get started with some ideas!! That's what we are here for and we have been blessed by so many other families that raised funds for their own and now for us that I promised I would continue to help others. I love to see more kiddos come home and no financial amount should stand in the way of that!!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

  4. Now this above message, Michelle, is exciting! More children for the Kingdom of the Lord! Let me know if I can be of any help! http://www.padgettadoption.com/