Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Even the small stuff :)!

1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you

Yesterday was QUITE a day! Kaylee, Eli, and I went to the Under the Sea exhibit at Crown Center with some friends. What a great display- so cute :)! About halfway through our time in the exhibit, Kaylee hit her head on a  metal pirate steering wheel (or an old ship wheel, a pirate wheel description, to me, sounds cooler.. but you get the picture). The metal spindles on it hit her eye- cutting her eyelid about an inch worth. EEK! She was so brave! We got some first aid attention there and took her to the hospital (per our pediatrician's orders). Because I had another friend and her children with me, we all piled in the car and headed to the ER. 
When we got to the ER, my gas tank was SUPER low. We had to stop for gas and I only have five dollars with me- which we stopped to put in. As we all know, five dollars won't get you far. Kaylee was doing just fine. Nathan met us at the hospital and we all went in. I told my friend (who I won't name here but she knows who she is :) just to take my van home with her so she could get her kiddos in bed and we would get it later. 
After a long (VERY long) day of waiting at the ER, we got her seen. We were very blessed, and I know this is because of the prayers of so many for her. Very thankfully, even though it appeared to have cut all the way through, there was no damage to her eye. Because of the location, they glued it and suggested she keep it dry and her fingers out of it (hah!- we will see how that goes..). She was such a brave girl and I'm so proud of how she handled it all. Blessing #1!!!
Although we had other plans in mind, because of our long day at the hospital and two very tired and hungry kiddos were ruling, we went to grab something to eat at Kaylee's choice (Chick Fil A- who would have guessed :)?) Our friends that had had our van met us for dinner. After a yummy dinner, I got in the van to drive home and noticed what had been still on empty (yup, even after adding five dollars :) before was now FULL. Those silly friends had filled up my gas tank! I was immediately overwhelmed with the physical and spiritual blessing this was!!!
My friends obviously knew it was a stressful day and the last thing we needed with everything else as an ER bill... they saw a need.. and they very willingly filled it. This was a sacrifice for their family and I was beyond words for their generosity. I was also overcome with the spirit, knowing that God was in control of all of our happenings. Every little detail. He told me, in His sweet gentle way, that "I am with you Michelle and I am in control. It is not yours to fear over. I will not lead you to places where I will leave you alone."  I was speechless, in awe of such an amazing blessing. Thank you to my amazing friends for being such  willing instrument in His hands, it meant more than you know. Thank you God for your goodness and mercy, even when I feel discouraged. Praise God for a day full of immense blessing and joy!!! 

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  1. I am glad Kaylee is ok. That skin glue is amazing! I had to take nehemiah in for an ee gash last summer and now you can barely see it.

    It is awesome how good God is-yes, even in the little things. A tank of gas can be a super blessing and good friends are an even greater one.
    You know, sometimes I don't necessarily think it's the blessing that is the best thing about the actions of another person, but our ability to recognize a blessing and give God credit that helps us grow and helps others-perhaps outside of the Christian faith, to see that God is truly in control, loves us so much and blesses us when we are his-even in the little things.♥