Our kiddos!

Our kiddos!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why China?

Adopting a child was something Nathan and I both expressed a desire to do even before getting married. I was so thankful to find someone that shared that desire and saw the express need and desire God had for every orphan to have a home. Infertility issues struck our family, as it has so many we know and love. God chose to bless us, after treatments, with two amazing children that I am very thankful for. After praying for a long time, God finally opened the doors for us to start the journey towards bringing a child into our home through adoption. It was so confusing at first! So many agencies, so many requirements, so much paperwork, and we felt pretty overwhelmed. I researched it for months and found Holt International.  www.holtinternational.org. They were AMAZING and an answer to prayer.
We looked at our options and found the China Child of Promise option the best route for us. The China Child of Promise program allows families to adopt children that have a minor/correctable medical need such as clef lip/palate. We prayed and received confirmation that this was where we should be. It was so fantastic how the Lord led us (and continues to) every step. We applied and began the process August, 25th, 2010.
I can't believe it's been more than six months. That's all for tonight but there's more to come. God is SO good and I know He has a plan for each of these children that need families. If you are interested in adoption and have ANY questions- feel free to ask. Goodnight!

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